Sunday, 18 November 2012

Nylon Fashion and Art Festival! Fashion Photography Workshop with Michael Cools!

Yesterday, I went to Nylon's Fashion and Art Festival, more specifically, Michael Cools top-notch photography skills lured me to move my lazy Saturday-wise ass and to gain enough motivation to go there, well, not really. But you got the picture.

The workshop itself was quite short and actually very inspiring. Michael brought up themes like setting up our own lookbook, catching great shots, working with models, as well as steps and tips needed to produce excellent fashion photographs. He's one of my greatest inspirations :")

Looking forward for the next Nylon event! 

Thursday, 15 November 2012

'Dark Paradise' : 2nd Portfolio Session

It's been years since I last updated this blog. Well, no. But without further ado, let me present,  my second portfolio session entitled 'Dark Paradise' which is a glamour photo-shoot with a gloomy Sixties vibe as well as taking rising indie vocalist Lana Del Rey as our main inspiration for the wardrobe, hair and makeup. Although in the end we did several Sixties-themed scenes as well. 

Sunday, 14 October 2012

SPRING 2012 - Trend Alert, Runway Report, and more!

We all know that the Paris Fashion Week has just ended a few days ago and the spectacular Louis Vuitton finale with the symmetrical escalators and almost all of the collections left us in awe of the madness of spring with out-of-the-world cuttings, and fresh new ideas as well as innovations.

First of all, we got a glimpse of casual couture and athletic influences such as well-tailored sportswear-inspired outer-wears - although most designers are still  not able to untangle the wild prints and patterns, symbolic to the spring vibe. On the other side designers such as Alexander Wang, Narcisso Rodriguez and Altuzarra successfully brought sportswear-inspired pieces to a whole new level and glamour.

Alexander Wang, sporting an uber-cute sweat jacket paired with matching shorts and white Mary-Jane heels. 

Second, 1920s inspired look is back on track! Basic black dresses with unique cuttings and design, ankle-high socks paired with dainty loafers, or lace? Roberto Cavalli obviously interprets lace quite beautifully by creating a showstopping dress with lace on top and applying a see-through tulle in the torso. I'm actually most impressed with Fendi's interpretation of the 20s by creating a skater-esque dress with various accessories as the embellishment - oh, and the hair and make up concept, bravo!

Fendi Spring 2012

Fendi, fashioning an uber-cool dress with unimaginable appliques and fabulous hair and make up concept, ode to the 1920s. 

Third, and probably the least striking trend of the time-being, is the good,old ladylike trend. Pastel hues, light  embellishments created with high details. Valentino and Dolce and Gabbana recreated a whole new ladylike concept with sheer appliques, assuring us that a lady still can have that sexy, raunchy side - although not that much. Much different with the major consensus, I'm actually more aware and interested to Proenza Schouler's take on the ladylike stuff. Wild colorful floral prints matched with contrasting skinny belts and gloves are the highlight of the entire collection. 

Proenza Schouler's collection highlight (my favorite though) with model sporting wild print top and color-block skirt and black gloves. Perfectly matched with black platform heels! Oui!

Sooooo, those are the highlights of SPRING 2012. I myself is quite satisfied with what the designers brought up. There are still several trends to come on my next review, keep yourself posted! 

xx, Rafi.