Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Keep in mind, hurting people often hurt other people as a result of their own pain. If somebody is rude and inconsiderate, you can almost be certain that they have some unresolved issues inside. They have some major problems, anger, resentment, or some heartache they are trying to cope with or overcome. The last thing they need is for you to make matters worse by responding angrily.

- Joel Osteen

Typical Sunday Mornings

A morning full of highly self-motivated photohunts.Did this amazing yellow flowers, deers, turkeys, and such amazing nature.

Family Day Out, Auntie's Birthday Dinner at Kopitiam Oey.

Ate at Kopitiam Oey, a restaurant with this AMAZING nuance, probably loving the decors way more than the food itself -_- Haha yeah greaaat night :)

Current Mood Swing: Messy rooms and epistolary novels

So in love with The Perks of Being a Wallflower!

Blue is the new black.

Did several shots with my cam, trying on the new 'cold' fluorescent effect. Quite amazed, though, with the current result (y).