Tuesday, 29 November 2011


I can't really post much these days regarding the lack of photo-hunting time, AND, i'm currently having my Semester Exam, ergh.
Okay, so school's conquering my life atm and yes i'll do a shoot perhaps this weekend:)

And yes I took self-assured pictures during my English exam. Lol. 

Farmer's Autumn

This outfit is inspired by, yours truly, Adam Gallagher's "The Harvester", click!

Shirt -  Unbranded, Acid-Wash Jeans - ITC Kuningan, Sandals - Dad-stolen Crocs


Navy V-Neck - Gap, Hawaiian Shorts - Unbranded, Flipflops - Reebok

The Sorrow

TShirt - Unbranded, Shorts - Old Navy, Baseball Cap- Revolt, Sport Wristband - Nike

Useless Colorful Things

Colorful Beach Shirt - Unbranded, Shorts - Old Navy, Shoes -  Nevada, Baseball Cap - Tendencies