Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Brogues and Bicycles

Hi! I'm so exhausted and this may sound a little exasperated but I'm extremely nauseous and i'm about to faint. But .... for you non existent lookers of my blog and die-hard fans,  I'm willing to post a look.

So, lately i've been inspired by creative-minded color blocking style mixed with a thrift-storeesque vintage feel. You might get shock if I state what i'm actually wearing here.

I'm wearing :

Unbranded color block shirt bought at Tebet, Gap Fisherman hat, Fluorescent glow-in-the-dark vest as outerwear (you may know it as the ones worn by security guards and police officers!), Unbranded socks, Daddy's brogue. 

I guess that's it. I'm sincerely hoping anyone who read this a joyful day.


Xx, Rafi

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