Monday, 30 January 2012

Menswear F/W 2012

I've been longing for Menswear F/W 2012 ever since because I've always been a fan of F/W winter clothing. The highlights of this year's Menswear F/W includes creative color blocking (I really love the ones Kenzo did), bold patterns and dapper-looking suits which perfectly suits the F/W weather.

These are my 3 favorite picks from Menswear F/W 2012 collection.

Kenzo : I'm a fan of the color blocking (orange+ grey? J'adore!). But I personally don't really like the second picture where they combined blue polka-dots with orange. I'm sorry but a no from me for that. 

Acne: Yes, yes, yes! Those three words perfectly describes how I felt about this collection. The bold colors, the dark-colored chinos, flawlessly fitted with leather brogues. But one thing, I don't enjoy much of the hand-bag. I thought that it exposes the feminine side a little too much. 

Burberry: I really love the trench coats, the dapper looks, and the Old British-esque feel from the hat. And btw, I'll die to have the wolf shirt! Like, obviously. The leather shoes are gonna be a huge hit this season.

Well, I think that's it for now. Adieu

xx, Rafi.