Friday, 21 September 2012

PORTFOLIO #1 Cesyl Secioria's Technicolor Life Mini Album

Whew. It has been such a looooooooong time for me from the last time I updated this blog. Sigh. Man, I was so busy. I have loads of school stuffs [not to mention the excessive number of tests to be done in a week] that hinders me from posting.

Without further ado, let me present my first portfolio session with one of my dearest girls, Cesyl Secioria. You may get a hint of who she is from her last name, and yes, she is the daughter of one of Indonesia's top musical maestros, the late Elfa Secioria.

She is on the way to producing her very first jazz-themed mini album entitled "Technicolor Life" - here are the stills of the photos I took [and several styling I did on her outfits] which might be used as features in her mini album later on.




Soooo, those are some of my best stills from the photo-shoot. Make sure you guys keep yourself posted for her mini album release [which is actually her personal project, as one of the requirement to complete her IB programme at her school] - but is still very enjoyable especially for jazz music lovers, Indonesian music supporters, or music fans alike. You can contact her through twitter- @cesylathayaF!

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