Friday, 23 December 2011

i'm a gypsy, are you coming with me?

Currently i'm in love with all these gypsy/boho stuffs I found at home so I decided to take pictures of it yay.  

Stuffs from the last two pictures : Patterned tribal oversized blouse (top), my I love Horror doll (a gift from a friend - Thailand *yay*), chinese porcelain cup on top of the doll and filled with beads, colorful pencil-case from Thailand, Mexican pattern pants and shawl (as the base), and my hand-drawn name tag! *proud* *drumrolls* *applauses*

I've always been inspired by the whole-hearted and free-spirited attitude of gypsies and their immense appreciation to arts and nature.

Plaid shirt - secondhand, Fisherman hat - Old gap, Jansport bag, Colorful checkered pants - thrifted

All pictures above are taken by me. 

xx, Rafi

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