Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year Trip : Everything Comes NATURALly!

My family and I currently went to Cirebon, a nearby town by road-trip, by car, and had loads of fun there! We took a lot of crazy photos. Had a lot of fun moments to wrap up the year with:)

On the Royal Palace, fixing hats and accessorizing between trips:) Just found out that the entire palace has this mystical feel and freaked out when mom's camera turned off in a sudden, and instantly on again when we stepped out one of the buildings. * Gasps!*

Quality time with my sister! I can't really imagine me swallowing her enormous head! Haha and yes the pictures are great, Mom!

At the Linggarjati museum, a little smudge of history isn't a sin right? I also need to refresh my mind on my History class, school starts in 1 Week! *sighs*

I'm wearing:

Gap fisherman hat, unbranded sweater top, Urban Pipeline creme khaki shorts, Nevada rubber docksides

Photo credit goes to Mum. Editing credit goes to me.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2K12 EVERYONE! All the best for us!

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