Tuesday, 3 January 2012

l'époque de ma vie

I've always been insecure about myself and always thought negatively about how I appear, about how people think about me, and other irrelevant stuffs.

But between those times I've always tried to remember the moments when I was a kid, the times when I was happy, free-spirited, and living life not to impress.

This is a newborn me

Me, aunt, cousin, in my most fashionable attire to date haha

Me, my late grandfather (creyz*), me cousin, and me fabulous grandma. Wondered why I have the most extravagant outfit in family photos lol. 

Last but not least, me in a family picture, in my mum's lap wearing a dandy hawaiian shirt and a black pant. I got my style since the 90s. That's where I get my legitimate fashion narcissism and compulsive consiousness right now I guess.

Cherish the moments with your loved ones before they got away. Fill your days with laughter and never forget that without them, you're nothing.

All the pictures above are scanned pictures. Credit goes to me. 
xx, Rafi. 

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