Monday, 9 January 2012

You don't need money to be happy, you need art!

In this post, I will depict several artworks that I made. It may seem a little trashy and a little amateur-esque at times but mind you, art is not a matter of mastery, it is a matter of passion and love. No matter how crap your artwork may look like, but if it shows your true feelings and created by heart, it's no more what your brain says as crap, it's your masterpiece at its best.

This is my first ever "real" painting, which is titled as "Solitude", it shows a women who bears two different scenes, which are green lush trees and black cobbled buildings under a gloomy sky in the other.

This one is actually the bulletin board I have in my room, it shows my artworks. There's my name tag I made and featured on a post previously, my photographs, and a graphic art I hand-drawn.

Below is my hand-drawn graphic art. The theme of drawing that I made here is about capturing moments and photography. The media is hand markers (general colored- snowman markers) and a creative mind. That's all you need, folks!

So that's some of the artwork I made. I hope it looks great and I can continue to create new pieces of art and keep posting on here.

Picture credit : rafi

xx, Rafi

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