Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A new start.

Well oh well, I never did a decent introduction to either myself or this blog of mine. So I decided to create one right now.

  1. My name is Rafi and i'm 15 years of age, but due to something I don't know, my face makes me seem like someone older, I don't know, like 25 something? Yeah I get that a lot.
  2. I am never this really confident kid thing, I'm not that good at maths and sciences and probably everything that has something to do with numbers and formulas. I just have this weird obsession to good grammar and amazing English, or maybe it's just me lol. 
  3. This blog is a "personal style-dry humor-self publication" kind of blog so you may find different stuffs. I don't post that much, but I always try to keep my posts different and, well, me. 
  4. My style. Ugh I always have a hard time stating a bold statement about how I define my style. I can get really moody and bipolar when it comes to what I wear. Most times I wear stuffs like graphic-tees, acid jeans, high-tops when I'm feeling laid back. But when I get dressy and prep, I prefer wearing my plaid-ey oxford shirts, chinos, and a pair of fresh brogues or good kicks. To sum it all, my style is this skater-ey, with a little smudge of 80s/90s thrift store feel - but beware, I can take you back to a 1920s Broadway show when I feel like it.
LORD THIS POST TURNS OUT TO BE SOOO LONG. Okay so maybe that's a tweeny little intro about me-self. Stay dope.

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