Friday, 11 May 2012


First of all, I would like to thank everyone who keep reading this blog. Although i'm genuinely not that sure that all of you are loyal enough to keep track of my writings, which are dumb - most of the time. But still, thank you heaps for all you aliens who keep reading  my posts.

I just did my IGCSE Exam earlier today and it was extremely displeasing. I manage to do most of it but doubted my reasoning on several others - I may be dead by now. 

Anyways, I went to a place called Kota Tua, which is basically the only place that preserves, well, old heritages and is the closest artistic place for us Jakarta people to take excessive amounts of photos.

So here are several of my "Gosh I'm so proud of my artistic intelligence" photos

So yeah, these are some of the photographs I took there - fyi, I'm using an Olympus semi-pro camera, and retouched using Pixlr. I'm really into dark photographs lately and attempts my best to do so.

I got no time to post my recent style because I actually planned to post my style while visiting a nearby amusement park in Jakarta - but I needed to pass a lot of hard obstacles to receive the photos from my friends.

That's it for now.

Adieu, Rafi

stay dope. 


  1. wow, nice photos ! I really like them. You're doing a great job ;) xX

  2. Kewl bet deh.